"I cannot help but call the Shonan-Shinjuku the Frankenstein of rail lines, a monster created from different parts not of its own creation. "

F-Liner: "Hold my beer..."

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This series is great! Nicely researched. It's nice to know about what really went into those lines in Tokyo area. I am from San Jose and lived in Osaka for several years, and now in Korea. Gave up having a car a decade ago and never looked back ;-)

A few other topics related to this series that might be interesting:

What exactly is the degree of 'privatization' of JR? As you mention in passing, JR is not exactly 'private' in the way that Americans might think. How does it differ from the other 'private' lines in Japan, of which there are so many. That is probably another series in and of itself though!

At any rate, thanks for your work on this. Keep it up!

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